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Character Designs



We boast a vast pool of over 10,000 experienced illustrators who have collectively crafted more than 300,000 illustrations to date.
Additionally, we have collaborated with over 300 clients, all of whom have expressed their satisfaction with the exceptional quality of our services.



Hautecouture Inc. creates illustrations for over 50 titles a year.
In addition to illustration production, the company also offers animation production using Spine and Live2D, 3D design, creator recruitment and placement services.
You can entrust all the creative aspects to Hautecouture Inc.

Request and Production Process

When you reach out to us, the production will proceed in four simple steps.
Even if the production details are yet to be finalized, we can provide you with a customized production proposal that aligns with your specific requirements.

  • Step 1: Initial Meeting
  • During a web meeting, our staff will carefully listen to your requirements and preferences. Based on this discussion, we will create a customized proposal that aligns with your budget and schedule.
  • Step 2:
    Setting Estimates and Deadlines
  • After the meeting, we will select a suitable illustrator for your project. We will then provide you with a detailed estimate that fits your budget and set clear deadlines to ensure timely delivery.
  • Step 3:
    Production Process
  • The illustration process will follow the given instructions and regulations. To ensure quality and your satisfaction, we will share the progress in three stages: rough sketch, lineart, and colouring. You'll have opportunities to provide feedback and make adjustments as needed throughout these stages.
  • Rough Sketch

  • Lineart

  • Coloring

  • Step 4:
    Check and Approval
  • Production will be checked by our supervisors.
    Once the approved data is recieved, the request will be compeleted.

Illustration Samples

Our Service

Quality Control by an Art Director

For each project, an art director is assigned to ensure the quality of the work.
Moreover, both the art directors and illustrators will consistently review and follow the feedback provided.

Schedule Management by a Project Director

In addition to the art director, a project director is also appointed to supervise and ensure adherence to the schedule, meeting deadlines while maintaining the desired quality.

Fast, High-Quality Illustration Production

With a vast pool of over 10,000 illustrators, we can meet a wide variety of stylistic requirements. Additionally, we can expedite the process and reduce costs by involving different illustrators at various stages.

Integrated Production Including Animation
and 3D Production

At Hautecouture Inc., our expertise goes beyond illustrations. We also excel in animations using Spine and Live2D, 3D modeling, and motion design. By availing our comprehensive services, you can streamline management and minimize outsourcing expenses.

Multiple Languages are Also Available.

Our team at Hautecouture Inc. comprises staff from various nationalities. You can easily communicate with us in English, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, and Korean. We are also proficient in handling document translations to cater to your specific needs.

Many Animations Created Using Spine and Live2D

Hautecouture boasts extensive experience in 2D animation alongside illustration. We also provide production using 2D animation softwares like Spine and Live2D upon request.

  • The first step in creating a 2D animation involves breaking down the original illustration into smaller pieces for each moving part. We create separate layers for these parts, add hidden elements, and generate data suitable for animation. Our in-house animators and illustrators enable us to optimize the partitioning process for animation, and you can also request partitioning alone if needed.

  • Spine Animtion
    We excel in crafting complex animations, including characters, monsters, backgrounds, items, and effects. During the planning phase, based on your specific requirements, we can produce a large number of animations simultaneously, effectively reducing production costs. With over 50 production lines, we can deliver commissions even within tight schedules. Our expertise extends to producing motion for both videos and games.

  • Live2D Animation
    Live2D is particularly adept at three-dimensional movement compared to Spine. It retains the lineart's touch and the painting texture while allowing characters to move. Additionally, we offer customization to accommodate various complexities of movement, expressions, and other requests. Although slightly pricier than Spine, Live2D is highly recommended for achieving a more three-dimensional standing, lip-syncing, and tracking models.

Animation Samples

3D Modeling and Animation Available.

For 3D production, we offer comprehensive services that encompass everything from modeling to animation. We are also proficient in creating orthographic views and set-up illustrations, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted workflow.


Don't hesitate to submit your requests for illustrations, animations, 3D designs, and special effects via our contact form. You may also utilize the additional contact options provided at the top of the page.

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